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  MC-4 -- Roland microcomposer sequencer 4 canali  
MC-4  Roland  

Sequencer digitale 4 canali in real time o in step mode che funziona tramite i controlli di CV Gate. 11500 note memorizzabili.

Sincronizzazione clock tramite Din Sync con batterie elettroniche o altri sequencer Roland.

  Catalogo Sintetizzatori Roland Anni 80'  
  Roland MC-4 -- microcomposer digital sequencer  

•The Roland MC-4 is a new synthesizer controller designed to expand the range of any synthesizer and take the work out of complex composition.

•A digital sequencer, the MC-4 will accept data entered either from its numerical keyboard or from the CV signals from a keyboard synthesizer in real time.

Real time input is possible using either CV plus gate or data may be entered separately by loading the pitch information first and using the Gate Rewrite function to later enter the rhythm. It is possible to listen to previously inputted data while entering new information.

•Each channel has two independent CV outputs. These outputs are available for the control of nearly any control voltage function on a synthesizer. When the note values (Gates) remain the same, one channel may be used to voice two note chords.

•A Multiplexing function is also included on each channel. This can be used to control portamento, vibrato, or similar synthesizer functions.

•A wide variety of editing functions simplify composition on the MC-4 including; Copy, Insert, Delete, Forward Step, and Back Step.

• Repeat commands can be used on each channel to specify repeat times and can also be used for easier data entry and for more economical use of memory.

CV and other data can be transposed on each channel. Data can also be copied with transposition. These functions are very helpful when inputting arpeggio and bass patterns.

Roland MC-4 Rear Connections MC 4 - back panel

•Step and gate time data can be preset. Once frequently used step and gate time values are preset, data can be entered simply by modifying other values.

•Tempo can be entered by using a corresponding numerical value. The Tempo is then variable by -50% to a +100%.

•Total playing time can be displayed and tempo can be accurately set to any pre-determined playing time by adjusting the Tempo Control while monitoring the time value.

•Remaining memory capacity can be indicated on the display as a percentage.

• Data can be stored on cassette tapes. A data number is assigned when information is stored on tape and the data number is then used during loading, search and read procedures. Whenever a data number is not used during loading, the cued data is used in its place.

•Input and output synchronization jacks using an FSK code allow tape synchronization with a multi-track tape recorder. Synchronized input and output pulses can be used for parallel playing of the MC-4.

•Sync In/Out DIN jacks are also provided and can be used to synchronize the performance of rhythm machines and other machines. They can also be used to synchronize two or more MC-4's.

•The Tempo CV input controls tempo by means of an external voltage. Tempo can also be changed via CV data by connecting a CV input with any CV output. By doing this, total playing time can be determined by the controlling tempo.

•The EXT START and EXT STOP/CONT PLAY jacks allow the user to control the start/stop performance of the MC-4 by means of an external foot pedal or an external voltage.

Roland MTR-100 Data Storage for MC-4• Memory capacity: 11,500 notes (48 K byte)
• Output: 4 channels (CV-1: 0 ' 10.42 V, 125 steps 83.3 mV/step, CV-2: same as the CV-1 , Gate: Off=OV,On= 12 V, MPX: Off=O V, On= 12V) x 4
• Keys: Numeric (0 - 9), Enter/start, Measure end/stop/continue, Back step/total time/+, Forward step/step error/-, shift, Insert, Delete, Copy (trans-pose), Repeat, Cursor (E-,->)
• EXT input: CV (0 ~ 10.42 V), Gate (threshold +2.5 V), Calibration knob *Shift map: 0/available memory (%),1 /CV-1, 2/step time, 3/gate time, 4/CV-2, 5/MPX, 7/CV-1 + gate, 8/gate rewrite, 9/tune
• Mode: Selector (edit/play/CMT)
• Total tune: Control knob (±100 cents)
• Tempo: Tempo knob (-50%' +100%), Tempo CV input (0 ~ 10.42 V)
• Cycle switch
• SYNC: select switch (DIN/INT/tape, EXT)
• DIN SYNC: DIN jack, Select switch (input/ output)
• EXT SYNC: Input (threshold +2.5 V), Output (0 ~ 5 V)
• CMT/tape SYNC: Input, Output • EXT control: Start, Stop
• Dimensions: 471(W) x 124(H) x 348(D) mm (18.6" x 13.7" x 4.9")
• Weight: 6.3 kg (13.9 lb.)
• Accessory: MTR-100 connection cord

When connected with the MC-4, the MTR-100 allows you to transfer data in both directions between the two units, with operation controlled by the MC-4 keys.

• Memory capacity: 250 K byte • Dimensions: 218(W) x 118(H) x 348(D) mm (8.6" x 4.65" x 13.7") • Weight: 3.4 kg (7.48 lb.)