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 JX-3P -- Roland sintetizzatore polifonico 6 voci -- programmabile -- preset -- MIDI con programmer PG 200  

JX-3P Roland

Primo sintetizzatore Midi prodotto dalla Roland nel 1983 insieme al modello Jupiter 6. Due oscillatori per voce 32 memorie programmabili e 32 preset. Stereo Chorus. Sequencer interno max 120 steps triggerabile.
Opzionale il Programmer PG 200 con i controlli a potenziometro dei vari moduli del Synth.

 Catalogo Sintetizzatori Roland Anni 80' 
 JX-3P -- Roland polyphonic synthesizer 

•A sleek space age instrument, the JX-3P is an exciting mix of sophistication and simplicity.

The latest interface technology (MID!), a Polyphonic Sequencer with Tape Storage, Twelve Digitally Controlled Oscillators, and Sixty-four Patch Memories are only some of the features available on the JX-3P. The JX-3P is so simple to operate that most of its sound parameters can be changed by the same two controls in the Edit section.

•Programmable, Preset, and Polyphonic (the three P's) the JX-3P is all these things and more. Combining the versatility of a programmable synthesizer (32 patch memories) and the convenience of a preset (also 32 patch memories), the JX-3P is a six voice polyphonic synthesizer that uses twelve DCO's to achieve the big sound that is so popular.

•The Preset section offers a broad vocabulary of musical sounds including the most sought after simulation patches (Strings, Brass, and other acoustic instruments) found in banks A and B of the JX-3P.

•Cross Modulation, which is used to create metallic sounds and Ring Modulator effects, is included on the JX-3P.

•Six VCF's, Six VCA's, six Envelopes are combined with the extensive Modulation controls to give the JX-3P user all the tools necessary to create that "perfect patch."

•Stereo Chorus, External Trigger for the Sequencer, Hold pedal connection, and Key Transpose add professional features to ,the JX-3P. A superlative performance control section that includes an extra large Bender with three different modes of operation and a separate L LFO Trigger Pad are the finishing touches on a versatile performer.

Roland JX-3p Rear rear panel

• Keyboard: 61 keys (5 octaves, C scale)

• Buttons & indicators: Bank (A to D), Number (1 to 16), LFO Trig, Chorus, Mute, Hold, Key Transpose, Tape Memory

• Controls: Pitch Bender, Volume, Brilliance

• Switch: Bender range select (Wide/ Mid/Narrow)

• Preset voices: Bank A (1 to 16) String I, String II, Organ I, Organ H, Organ III, Brass I, Brass II, Electric Piano I, Electric Piano II, Clavi, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Chime, Celesta, Accordion, Voice, Bank B (1 to 16) Violin, Flute, Oboe, Song Whistle, Synth Brass I, Synth Brass II, Dist Guitar, Juicy Funk, Filter Flow, Fat Fifth, Sync Wah, Sync Sweep, Funky Clavi, Pulser, Planet, Jet

• Memory: 32 Patch programmable (battery back-up), Bank C (1 to 16), Bank D (1 to 16)

• Edit section (32 elements, Group A: 1 to 16, Group B: 1 to 16).

• Buttons & Indicators: Group A, Group B, Write

• Control: Sense ^ Sequencer section.

• Buttons & Indicators: Write, Tie, Rest, Start Stop

• Control: Rate • Memory capacity: 128 steps (6-voice polyphonic, battery back-up) ^ Tape memory.

• Sequencer: Save, Verify, Load

• Tone: Save, Verify, Load ^ Rear panel.

• DIN jacks: Programmer in — 6-pin, MIDI (in, out) — 5-pin

• Phone jacks: Output (mono, stereo), Phones, Hold pedal, Seq Trigger in, Tape Memory (save, load)

• Switches: output level (H: 0 dBm/M: -15 dBm/L: -30 dBm), External instruments select (MIDI BUS, Memory Protect on, Programmer), Power on/off

• Control: Tune (±50 cent)

• Dimensions: 912(W) x 115(H) x 325(D)mm (35.9" x 4.53" x 12.8")

• Weight: 9.8 kg (21.6 lb.)

• Accessories: Music rest, Connection cable x 2

• Options: KS-2 stand, FV-200 foot volume, CBJX leatherette case, RH-10 headphones, DP-2 pedal switch

Programmer PG 200

•The optional PG-200 Programmer is a modular unit that can be used with more than one JX-3P or with other synthesizer products Roland will produce in the near future.

The Programmer gives the user simultaneous control over nearly every parameter of sound.

Complete with features like Cross Modulation and Programmable Chorus, the PG-200 can be used with the JX-3P to create new sounds for the programmable banks (C and D) and edit the preset banks (A and B).

• DCO-1
• DCO-2
• Chorus
• Envelope • Buttons & indicators: Manual, Write
• Connecter (6P DIN) *Dimensions: 244(W) x 45(H) x 172(D) mm (9.6" x 1.8" x 6.8") • Weight: 1.4 kg (3.08 lbs.)
• Accessory: 6P DIN cable