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  Juno-6 -- Roland sintetizzatore polifonico -- 6 voci  
Juno 6  Roland  
  Il Juno 6 è dotato di arpeggiatore sincronizzabile con un clock esterno e di Chorus Stereo. Possibilità di collegare un pedale esterno per controllare il VCF. Non dispone di memorie per i suoni.  
  Catalogo Sintetizzatori Roland Anni 80'  
  Roland Juno-6 -- polyphonic synthesizer  

•The Roland Juno-6 features ease of operation and superb sound in an inexpensive package.

The panel design of the Juno is logical, novice and expert alike will find it "user friendly."
Controls have been designed to emphasize speed and ease of access. This ease and speed of operation is enhanced by the features and superb sound provided by the Juno's digital technology.

•Digital sound generation and control features like Arpeggio and Key Transpose, as well as performance controls not found on other synthesizers like High Pass Filter and Envelope Invertor make the Juno-6 a high performance instrument.

•The Juno's Six DCO's with Combinable Waveforms make even complex sounds easy to obtain. An External Clock for the Arpeggio allows the creation of automated sequencer-like lines.

Stereo Outputs and Stereo Chorus give extra depth to the sound and External VCF and Hold pedal controls give the Juno professional performance controls.

Juno 6  Roland - Rear Panel rear panel


• Keyboard: 61 keys (5 octave)

• DCO: LFO Mod, PWM, PWM Mode Switch (LFO/Manual/ENV), Pulse wave ON/OFF, Sawtooth wave ON/OFF, Sub osc ON/OFF, Sub osc level, Noise level

• HPF: Cut-off frequency

• VCF: Cutoff frequency, Resonance, ENV polarity (Normal/Inverse), ENV Mod, LFO Mod, Keyboard follow (0 — 100%)

• VCA: Selector (ENV/Gate) • ENV: Attack time, Decay time, Sustain level, Release time

• LFO: Rate, Delay, Trigger mode (Auto/Manual) • Arpeggio: Arpeggio ON/OFF, Mode (up/up & down/down), Range (1/2/3), Rate

• Key transpose • Hold • Chorus: Selector (off/1/2)

• Controller: Octave transpose (down/normal/up), LFO trigger button, Bender lever, Bender sensitivity (DCO), Bender sensitivity (VCF), Volume

Rear panel

• Jacks: Output (mono/stereo), Phones, VCF control, Pedal hold, Arpeggio clock in • Switch: output level (H/M/L) • Control: Tune (±50 cent)

• Dimensions: 1060(W) x 113(H) x 378(D)mm (41.7" x 4.45" x 14.9") • Weight: 11 kg (24.2 lb.)

• Accessory: 2.5 m Connection cord x 2

• Options: KS-2 stand, FV-200 foot volume, DP-2 pedal switch, CB-JUNO leatherette case