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VC-10 vocoder Korg  
  Korg -- SQ-10 Vocoder  

Simulates Your Vocal Characteristics with Every Note for Amazing Keyboard Controlled Chorus and Robot Voice Effects.

Originally invented as an academic tool for analysing and synthesizing human speech, the vocoder is now a practical and exciting new musical instrument, thanks to Korg's original technology.

The VC-10 requires no complex operational procedures. Simply speak into the microphone and play the keyboard as you would an electric organ.

You'll hear polyphonic chorus effects controlled by the characteristics of your own voice By using the octave switch you can raise or lower the pitch to simulate male or female chorus effects.

The control wheel gives added variation for a robot-like computer voice as well as choral pitch bends.

Instead of using the built-in keyboard, you can also play an electric guitar or other instrument through the VC-l0 while varying its tone color with your voice. With this incredible new instrument you'll be able to create completely unique musical effects.


CONTROL SECTION. KEYBOARD: F--C, 32 Keys OCT Switch (Normal = 16', Up = 8'), Pitch Volume ( t 100 Cents), Accent Bend, Vibrato Speed, Vibrato Depth, External FM Intensity, Pitch Control Wheel (t1/2 OCT)

SIGNAL MIXER: Input Signal Balance (Keyboard/Noise), External Signal Level


METER VU Meter, Meter Select Switch (Mixer/Microphone) oFINAL

CONTROL: Ensemble, Power Switch/ Final Volume, Output Balance (Simulator/ Microphone), Headphone Level

INPUTS: Microphone Inputs x 2 (BTS Connector 2P Phone)

EXTERNAL INPUTS: Signal Input (3 Vp-p MAX), Pitch Control Input (1/3 OCT/V, -3 V-+3 V) oOUTPUTS: Final, Headphone

DIMENSIONS: 499 (W) x 249 (H) x 309 (D) mm - WEIGHT: 7 kg

ACCESSORIE: Connection Cord

POWER CONSUMPTION: Voltage (Local Voltage, 50/60 Hz), wattage (20W)

1. Meter for monitoring mike input and simulator input signals.
2. Microphone level control.
3. Switch for signal supplied to meter.
4. Level control for external signal input when not using built-in keyboard.
5. Octave switch for raising or lowering keyboard range, Helps differentiate male and female vocals.
6. Balance control for mixing noise signal with keyboard signals-good for realistic sibilants ("S" sounds) and whispering effects.
7. Vibrato depth control.
8. Pitch bend depth control gives realistic accent to mike signal.
9. Vibrato speed control.
10. Ensemble switch for added chorus effects.
11. For external voltage control (via MS-01, etc.) of pitch bend depth.
12. For convenient pitch control of keyboard signal.
13. Special BTS connector for MC-01 microphone.
14. 2-P phone jack microphone input.
15. Balance control for mixing simulated and direct signals.
16. Input jack for external signal source (electric guitar, etc.) when not using built-in keyboard or noise signals.
17. Input jack for remote voltage control (via MS-01, etc.) of keyboard pitch.

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