Formati di esportazione files suoni di Awave Studio  

404 R+W Muon DS404 Bank File.
404 R+W Muon DS404 Patch File.
669 R 669 tracker module.
A3S R Yamaha A3000 sample files (no extension).
AIFC R Compressed Audio Interchange File Format.
AIF R+W Audio Interchange File Format.
AIFF R+W Audio Interchange File Format.
AIS R Velvet Studio Instruments.
AKP R+W Akai S5000/S6000 program file.
ALAW R+W European telephony format audio.
ALW R+W European telephony format audio.
AMS R Extreme's Tracker module format.
AMS R Velvet Studio Module.
APE R+W Monkey Audio losslessly compressed files.
APEX R+W AVM Sample Studio bank file.
ARL R+W Aureal ‘Aspen’ bank file.
ASE R Velvet Studio Sample.
AU R+W Sun/NeXT/DEC Audio file.
AVI R MS Audio Video Interleave file.
AVR R Audio Visual Research sound file.
BWF R Broadcast Wave File.
C01 R Typhoon wave files.
CDR R Raw Audio-CD data.
DCM R DCM module format.
DEWF R Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit recorded instrument format
DIG R Digilink format.
DIG R Sound Designer I audio file.
DLP R DirectMusic Producer DLS file.
DLS R+W DownLoadable Sounds level 1.
DLS R+W DownLoadable Sounds level 2/2+/2++.
DMF R Delusion/XTracker Digital Music Fileformat.
DR8 R+W FXpansion DR-008 drumkit.
DSF R Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample Fileformat.
DSM R Digital Sound Module tracker format.
DSS R Olympus DSS file.
DTM R DigiTrekker module.
DWD R+W DiamondWare Digitized file.
EDA R Ensoniq ASR disk image.
EDE R Ensoniq EPS disk image.
EDK R Ensoniq KT disk image.
EDQ R Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image.
EDS R Ensoniq SQ80 disk image.
EDV R Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image.
EFA R Ensoniq ASR file.
EFE R+W Ensoniq EPS file.
EFK R Ensoniq KT file.
EFQ R Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file.
EFS R Ensoniq SQ80 file.
EFV R Ensoniq VFX-SD file.
EMB R Everest EMBedded bank file.
EMD R ABT Extended MoDule.
EMY R+W EMelody Ericsson mobile phone ring-tone format.
ESPS R ESPS audio files.
EUI R Ensoniq EPS family compacted disk image.
F2R R Farandoyle linear module format.
F3R R Farandoyle blocked linear module format.
F32 R Raw IEEE 32-bit floating point values.
F64 R Raw IEEE 32-bit floating point values.
FAR R Farandoyle tracker module.
FFF R+W GUS PnP bank file format.
FLAC R+W Free Lossless Audio Codec files.
FNK R FunkTracker module format.
FSM R Farandoyle Sample format.
FZB R+W Casio FZ-1 Bank dump.
FZF R+W Casio FZ-1 Full dump.
FZV R+W Casio FZ-1 Voice dump.
G721 R+W Raw CCITT G.721 4-bit ADPCM format data.
G723 R+W Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5-bit ADPCM format data.
G726 R+W Raw CCITT G.726 2, 3, 4 or 5-bit ADPCM format data.
GDM R Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards module format.
GI! R GigaStudio/GigaSampler file – Split over multiple CD-ROM’s.
GIG R+W GigaStudio/GigaSampler file – Normal.
GIG R+W GigaStudio/GigaSampler file – Compressed.
GKH R Ensoniq EPS family disk image file.
GSM R+W Raw GSM 6.10 audio stream.
GSM R+W Raw 'byte aligned' GSM 6.10 audio stream.
GSM R+W US Robotics voice modems GSM w.o. header / VoiceGuide / RapidComm.
GSM R+W US Robotics voice modems GSM w. header / QuickLink.
HCOM R Sound Tools HCOM format.
IFF R+W Interchange file format.
IMY R+W iMelody mobile phone ring-tone format.
INI R MWave DSP synth’s mwsynth.ini GM-setup.
INI R+W Gravis UltraSound bank setup.
INRS R INRS-Telecommunications audio.
INS R Ensoniq EPS family instrument.
INS R+W Sample Cell / II Mac instrument.
INS R+W Sample Cell / II PC instrument.
INS W Cakewalk Instrument definition file.
IST R Digitrakker Instrument File.
IT R Impulse Tracker module.
ITI R+W Impulse Tracker instrument.
ITS R+W Impulse Tracker sample.
K25 R Kurzweil K2500 file.
K26 R Kurzweil K2600 file.
KFT R Kort T-series image file.
KIT R+W Native Instruments drum Kit file.
KMP R+W Korg Triton KeyMaP file.
KMP R+W Korg Trinity KeyMaP file.
KR1 R+W Kurzweil K2000/K2500/K2600 split file.
KRZ R+W Kurzweil K2000 file (also works with K2000 and K2500).
KSC R+W Korg Triton SCript file.
KSC R+W Korg Trinity SCript file.
KSF R+W Korg Triton Sample File.
KSF R+W Korg Trinity Sample File.
MAP R+W Native Instruments Reaktor wavetable file – Embedded waves.
MAP R+W Native Instruments Reaktor wavetable file – Linked waves.
MAT R+W Matlab variables binary file.
MAUD R MAUD sample format.
MDL R Digitrakker Module.
MED R OctaMED tracker module.
MID R+W Standard Midi File.
MLD R MFi/MFi2 songs- Melody Format for i-Mode, a.k.a. i-Melody.
MLS R Miles Sound System compressed DLS file.
MMF R SMAF songs – ‘Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format’.
MOD R Amiga and PC tracker module.
MOV R Apple QuickTime audio.
MP1 R MPEG audio stream, layer I.
MP2 R+W MPEG audio stream, layer II.
MP3 R+W MPEG audio stream, layer III.
MPA R MPEG audio stream, layer I, II, 'II½' or III.
MPEG R MPEG system stream, audio+video.
MPG R MPEG system stream, audio+video.
MSS R+W Miles Sound System DLS 1 + XMI file.
MT2 R MadTracker 2 Module.
MTI R+W MadTracker 2 Instrument.
MTM R MultiTracker Module.
MUS R Doom/Heretic music file.
MUS R+W Musifile MPEG Layer II Audio stream.
MUS10 R Mus10 audio.
MWS W MWave DSP synth’s instrument extract.
NIST R+W NIST Sphere audio.
NVF R+W Creative Nomad Voice file.
O01 R Typhoon vOice file.
OGG R+W Vorbis Ogg stream.
OKT R Oktalyzer tracker module.
P R+W Akai S1000/S1100/S01 program.
P R+W Akai S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800 program.
PAC R SB Studio II package.
PAF R+W Ensoniq PARIS audio file.
PAT R+W Advanced Gravis Ultrasound / Forte tech. Patch.
PBF R+W Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File.
PCG R+W Korg Triton collection file.
PCG R+W Korg Trinity collection file.
PCM R OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM format.
PGM R+W AKAI MPC-2000XL drum set file + .WAV files.
PGM R+W AKAI MPC-2000 drum set file + .SND files.
PGM R+W AKAI MPC-3000 drum set file + .SND files.
PLM R DisorderTracker2 module.
PLS R DisorderTracker2 sample.
PPF R Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program File.
PRG R+W WAVmaker program.
PSB R Pinnacle Sound Bank.
PSION R PSION a-law audio.
PSM R Protracker Studio Module Format.
PTM R Poly Tracker module.
RA W RealAudio file.
RAW R+(W) Raw signed PCM data (W as .SB).
RIF R Rapidcom Voice/Quicklink Rockwell ADPCM files.
RMI R+W RIFF-MIDI file, embedded DLS optional.
ROCKWELL R+W Rockwell 2,3,4-bit ADPCM audio.
ROCKWELL-2 R+W Rockwell 2-bit ADPCM audio.
ROCKWELL-3 R+W Rockwell 3-bit ADPCM audio.
ROCKWELL-4 R+W Rockwell 4-bit ADPCM audio.
S R Akai S900/950 sample.
S R+W Akai S1000/S1100/S01 sample.
S R+W Akai S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800 sample.
S3I R+W Scream tracker v3 instrument.
S3M Scream tracker v3 module.
S3P R+W Akai MESA II/PC S-series program.
SAM R+(W) Signed 8-bit Sample data (W as .SB).
SB R+W Raw Signed Byte (8-bit) data.
SBK R+W Emu SoundFont v1.x Bank files / Creative Labs SB AWE 32.
SC2 R+(W) Sample Cell / II PC instrument (W as .INS).
SD R+W Sound Designer I audio.
SD2 R+W Sound Designer II flattened file.
SD2 R+W Sound Designer II data fork.
SDK R Roland S-series floppy disk image.
SDS R+W Raw MIDI Sample Dump Standard file.
SDW R Raw Signed DWord (32-bit) data.
SDX R MIDI Sample Dump Standard files as compacted by SDX.
SEQ R+W Sony Playstation MIDI Sequence.
SF R+W MTU / IRCAM SoundFile format.
SF2 R+W Emu SoundFont v2.x file.
SFARK R Melody Machine Compressed SoundFont.
SFD R SoundStage Sound File Data.
SFI R SoundStage Sound File Info.
SFR R Sonic Foundry Sample Resource.
SMD R SmdEd / J-Phone mobiles songs.
SMP R Samplevision format.
SMP R Ad Lib Gold Sample.
SMP R+W Avalon sample format.
SND R+W Raw unsigned PCM data (W as .UB).
SND R+W AKAI MPC-60/2000/2000XL/3000 sample.
SNDR R Sounder sound file.
SNDT R Sndtool sound file.
SOU R SB Studio II sound.
SPD R Speach Data file.
SPL R Digitrakker Sample.
SPPACK R+W SPPack sound sample.
STM R Scream tracker v2 module.
STS R+W Creamware STS-series sampler programs.
SVX R Interchange file format, 8SVX/16SV.
SW R+W Raw Signed Word (16-bit) data.
SXT R+W Reason 2 NN-XT format.
SYW R+(W) Yamaha SY-series wave files (W as .W01).
TXT W Ascii Text parameter description.
TXT R+W Ascii Text formatted audio data.
TXT R+W RTTTL/Nokring mobile phone ring-tone format.
TXT R+W Steinberg LM-4 drum-kit.
TXW R+(W) Yamaha TX16W wave files (W as .W01).
UB R+W Raw Unsigned Byte (8-bit) data.
UAX R Unreal Tournament Audio package.
UDW R Raw Unsigned DWord (32-bit) data.
ULAW R+W US telephony format (CCITT G.711) audio.
ULW R+W US telephony format (CCITT G.711) audio.
ULT R UltraTracker modules.
UMX R Unreal Tournament Music package.
UNI R MikMod 'UniMod' format.
UW R+W Raw Unsigned Word (16-bit) data.
UWF R UltraTracker Wave File.
V8 R+(W) Covox 8-bit audio (W as .UB).
VAB R+W Sony Playstation/PS2 bank file.
VAG R+W Sony Playstation/PS2 compressed sound file.
VAP R+W Annotated speech file.
VOC R+W Creative labs sound file.
VOC R+W Creative labs ‘older format’ sound file.
VOX R+W Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM.
VOX R Talking Technology Incorporated file.
VOX-6K R+W Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM, 6000 Hz.
VOX-8K R+W Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM, 8000 Hz.
VSB R+W Virtual Sampler Bank file.
W01 R+W Yamaha TX16W wave.
W01 R+W Yamaha SY-series wave.
W64 R+W Sonic Foundry Wave-64 format.
WAV R+W Ms Windows PCM wave.
WA! R+W GigaSampler/GigaStudio compressed wave file.
WFB R+W Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank (Maui/Rio/Monterey).
WFD R+W Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum set (Maui/Rio/Monterey).
WFP R+W Turtle Beach WaveFront Program (Maui/Rio/Monterey).
WMA R+W Windows Media Audio 4.
WMA R+W Windows Media Audio 9 CBR.
WMA R+W Windows Media Audio 9 VBR.
WMA R+W Windows Media Audio 9 Voice.
XI R+W Fast Tracker 2 instrument.
XM R Fast Tracker 2 extended module.
XMI R+W Miles Sound System Extended MIDI file.