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Gianni Gitti has chosen DVCPRO to record another chapter in his illustrious career

"Roxy Bar" and "Help" are two exciting music and information TV programmes hosted by Gabriele Ansaloni, better known across Europe as Red Ronnie.

These programmes have achieved cult status among Italians with the show's phone-in request line taking more than 5,000 calls each week and the Internet chatline often jammed with traffic.

Three consecutive Telegatti prizes in the "musical transmission" category, won in 1994, 1995, and 1996, have also put the official stamp of approval on the programme concept.

This success is largely based on the freshness and innovative approach of the shows format.

This pioneering attitude is also reflected in Red Ronnie's choice of DVCPRO in every step of the production process from sourcing and editing through to broadcast and filing. "Roxy Bar" and "Help" mark the first time that. the DVCPRO system has been used in this way for national broadcasting in Italy.

Previously, the format had been mainly used by post-production studios and local networks.

Gianni Gitti, Red Ronnie's long-time technical collaborator, backgrounds the adoption of DVCPRO, "I thoroughly tested the DVCPRO system for four months last summer and I confirmed that this system is really affordable and suitable for our needs.

"We also considered other systems, but there was nothing else that was suitable." He continues, "Likewise a digital system retains its quality for a long time and since we file so much this is a great advantage. Editing losses are reduced and copies are like clones of the original."

Gitti also reveals two well-kept show secrets.

First, a lot of the interview material broadcast is actually filmed on Red Ronnie's mini DV camera/recorder and then edited on the spot using an AJ-LT75 DVCPRO Laptop Editor.

"The laptop editor is the main means of reportage," he explains. "Red goes around interviewing and he is often able to edit by himself. To do the same work once would have needed a full studio!"

This excellent compatibility with a avide variety of other equipment was also a key point in the adoption of DVCPRO as a base system.

Second, Red Ronnie is able to broadcast directly from an AJ-D750 DVCPRO Studio VTR placed on the main desk of the "Roxy Bar" studio. Video inserts, clips, and promos are edited on the spot.

Gitti relates that he is also interested in the new DVCPRO50 system. "I believe there is no better system than DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 now."

A strong vote of confidence for DVCPRO and DVCPRO50!