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ROLAND MC-500 MICRO COMPOSER - A music dedicated computer

The Facts

• Just like a computer, the MC-500 has. fixed functions. A program booted from a 3 1/2 " disk determines how the MC-500 operates.

• The MC-500 is extremely easy to operate, featuring an ,@ Dial, a 2-line LCD display (each line 20 characters long), and a numerical key pad.

• The MC-500 can be synchronised with MIDI devices and a multitrack recorder.


• The MC-500 comes with a 3," disk containing programs which let the MC-500 function as a real-time sequencer and provide tremendous memorycapacity and a wide variety of functions.

• The performance data is written in the MC-500 by real-time recording from a connected MIDI instrument. Once the performance data is recorded, the MC-500 can completely control any MIDI instrument from a synthesizer (such as the @JUNO or SUPER JX), to a drum machine (such as the TR•505, TR•707 or TR-727), or a MIDI sound module (such as the Super Quartet MKS-7).

The MC-500 also allows the perfect formation of any MIDI set-up from a simple sequencer-synthesizer set-up to a complicated professional set up.

The MC-500 itself can store the performance data for up to eight songs or about 25,000 notes.

The song name can also be stored for each song. In addition, the performance data can also be saved on a 31/2" disk.

In this case up to 100 Song or about 100,000 notes can be stored in one disk.

• The program provides the MC-500 with four recording tracks.

Each track can polyphonically record MIDI messages of all 16 MIDI channels including note. bender, exclusive messages. . etc.

In addition, a rhythm track is separately provided to control MIDI rhythm instruments.

The rhythm track stores the performance data created by step writing and can control up to 32 sound sources. Eight levels of accent can be programmed for each sound source.

• Convenient recording functions are provided. The Punch-In/Punch-Out function allows unwanted parts of a recording track to be replaced by other performance data at will.

The quantizing function automatically corrects the rhythm. And the Overdubbing function allows the user to overdub other performance data while listening to a previously recorded performance.

• The performance data can also be loaded by step writing-all notes and rests are written in the MC-500 step by step

• For greater convenience, a variety of editing functions are provided. The Merge function allows the performance data recorded on several recording tracks to be mixed on a single track.

Extract function transfers the performance data of one MID/ channel recorded with other MIDI channels' data on one track to another track. In addition, the performance data for every single measure can be transposed, inserted, and deleted.

• A Micro-Scope function allows every Single note to be edited over several elements such as the note length and its strength.

Even alter the performance data is recorded by the MC-500, the tempo can be modified in detail-accelerando (becoming gradually faster) and ritardando (becoming gradually slower) can be programmed.

STEP-WRITE SOFTWARE DISK (available in the near future)

This program allows the user to write the performance data using the MC-500 controls.

Even people who cannot play an instrument can easily create performance data.

The performance data is created by inputting a note name, gate time, step time, and other elements for every note of a composition. Any complicated composition-even a composition physicry impossible to play-can be easily created.

This software, like the Real-Time Recorder software, offers a variety of editing functions. The total playing time of a composition can also be controlled.

The performance data filed by this software is compatible with the data filed by the Real-Time Recorder software.

Roland MC-500 Micro Composer