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The JV-90 is an 8-Part multitimbral, 28-voice polyphonic, fully programmable synthesizer, with complete MIDI controller functions and a 76-note keyboard. It can be expanded to 56-voice polyphony by installing the VE-JV1 or the VE-GS1 Voice Expansion Boards. The JV-90 sound library can also be enhanced by the SR-JV80 series of 8MB expansion boards as well as SO-PCM sound cards and PN-JV80 parameter cards.


1) Hold CAPS, and POWER ON.
2) Press ENTER.
3) Press WRITE.

ROM Play

1) Press the LEVEL and WAVE buttons under the EDIT PALETTE.
2) Press ENTER.

Auditioning Sounds

The JV-90 has four Preset Patch Groups, A, B, C, D, and one User-programmable Patch Group I, each with 64 Patches, for a total of 320 on board Patches. An M-256E or PN-JV80 Card can hold an additional 64 User Patches. The JV-90 can also directly access Patches on any SR-JV80 Expansion Board or SOPCM1 Card, providing immediate access to over 600 Patches.

1) Press PATCH.
2) In the PATCH GROUP buttons select USER, PRESET or W-EXP.
3) For Preset Patches:

Select A, B, C, or D from the PATCH GROUP buttons.

For User Patches:
Select INT or CARD from the PATCH GROUP buttons.

For Expansion Board Patches,:
Select A, B, C, or D from the PATCH GROUP buttons.

For SO-PCM1 Card Patches:
Select PCM CARD A from the PATCH GROUP buttons.

4) After selecting your Group, use the eight BANK and NUMBER buttons to select Patches within that Group.

Customizing Patches

The Edit Palette provides a quick and intuitive method for mastering the JV-90's powerful synthesizer controls, allowing you to customize your Patches. Each Patch combines 1-4 Tones, indicated by the Tone Switch LEDs.

1) Press PATCH.
2) Press LEVEL in the Edit Palette.
3) Use Sliders 1-4 to remix the Levels of the enabled Tones.
4) Press the other Edit Palette controls, PAN, TUNE, WAVE, CUTOFF, RESONANCE, ATTACK or RELEASE, and use the sliders to change the sound.
5) The s and t in the display indicate you can CURSOR to related parameters from any of the eight Edit Palette screens.

Writing a new Patch in memory

1) Press WRITE.
2) Cursor to Write and press ENTER.
3) Select a User Patch location using the Patch Group, Bank and Number buttons, or Slider 1.
4) Press ENTER.


Like Patches, there are both Preset and User Performances in the JV-90. There are three types of Performances:

LAYER: for layering Patches.

ZONE: for splitting Patches across the keyboard.

SINGLE : for multitimbral sequencing.

To set the Performance mode:

2) Press EDIT.
3) Cursor down to KEY MODE.
4) Use INC/DEC or Slider 1 to set the desired Mode.
Using the JV-90 with a sequencer
1) Select Preset Performance A16 "PopOrchestra".
2) Cursor right to listen to the patches in this


3) Cursor right to the Rhythm Part.
4) Record on track one on your Sequencer.
5) To listen to your Track, press PLAY.
To record additional Tracks:
1) Cursor to your next instrument.
2) Repeat steps 4 and 5, selecting a new Track each time.
To select new Patches:
1) Press PATCH on the Edit Palette.
2) Use the Group, Bank and Number buttons, or Sliders, to select Patches for each Part.