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The JD-990 Super JD is Roland's most powerful and programmable synthesizer ever. It features 6 Mb of our highest quality 44.1 kHz waveforms, a powerful and flexible synthesizer architecture with extensive real-time control, 4 pairs of stereo outputs, and a dynamic multi-effects processor for creating stunning synth textures, as well as expressive acoustic instruments.


To return the Super JD to its factory setup:
1) Hold EXIT and press UTILITY.
2) Press F6 EXECUTE.

ROM Demo

To play the Super JD's demo songs:
1) Press EXIT and CURSOR DOWN simultaneously.
2) Press F5 START to play the chain of songs. Or, CURSOR DOWN to any of the songs and press F5 START.

Selecting Patches

The Super JD features 192 Patches - 128 Preset Patches (A/B), and 64 User Patches (1). An M-256E card can hold an additional 64 User Patches (C).

1) Press PATCH.
2) Press A, B, or INT to select a Patch bank.
3) Use the VALUE dial to select new Patches.
4) Press the VALUE dial to open a window of the current
Patch bank.
5) Use the VALUE dial, or use the cursors, to move among the Patches.
6) Press the VALUE dial again to move to the next patch bank.

Using Controllers with Patches

Most of the Patches in the Internal Bank are setup to respond to controllers "4 "and "1" or "11" for real-time control of various parameters. Use a controller keyboard or sequencer that can transmit one or both of these controllers to shape the sound of the JD-990 Tones in real-time.

Patch 1-11 DeepSEAmphony is a good example of how these controllers can be used. Controllers can be assigned to control a wide range of parameters including pitch, cutoff, resonance, level, and LFOs. Two controllers can be assigned for each Tone.

Editing Patch Parameters

The JD-990 features extensive Patch editing capabilities. In the Patch mode, you can easily move to these parameters using the F keys.

Patch Parameter Edits (cont.)

1) Press F5 LFO&CTL.
2) Press F5 to toggle between individual Tone view and Palette view. For now go to Tone view.
3) Press F2 LF01. The LFO structure is displayed for the active Tone.
4) Cursor to each parameter and use the VALUE dial to change the values. The graphic display shows your changes as you make them.
5) Use the F keys to select other parameters and their graphic displays.


The Super JD is 8-part multitimbral in Performance mode. To quickly get started sequencing with the Super JD, choose one of the Preset Performances B-09 through B-16. These Performances are already configured for multitimbral setup on channels 1-7 with Rhythm on 10.

1) Press PERFORM.
2) Press B.
3) Press the VALUE dial until the bank of Performances Pop Kit through Ethnic Kit appears.
4) Select a Performance for sequencing. To select sounds, levels, panning and other parameters for each Part:
1) Press F2 PART.
2) Press F6 Palette.
3) Cursor to your desired parameter.
4) Use the VALUE dial or INC/DEC buttons to make your changes.

Using Expansion Boards & PCM Cards The Super JD's 6 Mb of memory can be user-expanded to 16 Mb using the SR-JV80 Series

Expansion Boards, and SO-JD80 and SO-PCM1 Waveform Cards. Both the SRJV80 Boards and SO-PCM1 Cards also contain Patches. These Patches must be loaded into User Memory locations before they can be played normally.

1) Install the Expansion Board, or insert an SO-PCM1 Card.
2) Press PATCH.
3) Press UTILITY.
4) Press F4 CARD.
5) Press F5 LD PRM.
6) Use the Data Wheel to select either PCM Card or EXP Board.
7) Cursor to the right, and use the Data Wheel to select a Patch.
8) Press F6 EXECUTE.
The Patch is now in temporary memory. You can use the WRITE procedure (UTILITY, F1) to store it in any User Patch location.