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The Roland GR-09 is a Guitar Synthesizer featuring 180 high quality tones, 128 patches, 2 independent effects processors and Roland's exclusive high speed tracking technology. The 180 tones (2 megabytes) have been hand-picked from Roland's extensive sample library. The operations of the GR-09 have been consolidated to 2 easy to use dials to choose various parameters. Assignable expression pedal per patch and multiple pedal operations make the GR-09 suitable for live applications. The GR-09's 28 notes of polyphony accomodate even the most extensive sounds like layers and splits. The sounds of the GR-09 can be expanded to 360 tones with the optional GR9E-1 4 megabyte expansion board.


1) While holding PEDAL 2, turn on the GR-09.
2) Press + followed by EDIT/PLAY.

ROM Play

1) While holding PEDAL 1, turn on the GR-09.
2) Press EDIT/PLAY.
3) Press EDIT/PLAY again to stop.
4) Turn the unit off and on to return it to its normal state.

Tuning your Guitar

The GR-09 uses high speed pitch conversion to activate its internal sounds. It is for this reason, that proper guitar tuning is essential.

1) Hold down the S1 button on the GK-2 or GK-2A, press PEDAL 1.
2) Play each individual string. The left of the display will indicate what string number you have played.
3) Tune your guitar to the display using the group of five LED lights and display as your guide.
4) The right of the display indicates the current pitch. The middle light of these five LED's indicates proper tuning.
5) Tune all your strings to the GR-09 using this method.

Playing Patches

There are two methods used to change patches on the GR-09: from the front panel switches and with the foot switches.

Front Panel method 1) Use the +/- value buttons to select various patches.

Playing Patches (cont.)

Changing patches with the footswitches:

1) Hold the S1 button on the GK-2 or GK-2A and press Pedal 2 entitled NEXT GROUP to change the group (A,b,C,d)
2) Hold the S1 button on the GK-2 or GK-2A and press Pedal 3 (BANK DOWN) or Pedal 4 (BANK UP).
3) Release the S1 button and press Pedals 1-4 to choose the desired Patch.

Using Pedals for Pitch Bend or Modulation The Pedals can be used to control Pitch Shift, Modulation, Hold 1 and Hold 2. Pitch Shift will raise or lower the pitch of the synth sound. Modulation adds vibrato to the current synth sound. Both the Hold 1 and 2 functions are used for sustaining the synth sound of the GR-09. The Hold 1 function will sustain currently active synth notes and let you play the guitar sound on top. The Hold 2 function will sustain only the currently held strings and let you play guitar or synth sound on top.

1) Press the S2 button on the GK-2 or GK-2A.
2) 'Pdl' will appear in the display.
3) Pedals 1 thru 4 will now function as Pitch Shift, Modulation, Hold 1 and Hold 2.
4) Press the S2 button to return to normal play mode.

Creating Custom Sounds on the GR-09 The GR-09 contains 128 patches, the first 64 of which are pre-programmed from the factory with various sounds. The last 64 sounds are initialized settings available for you to edit and change. A patch is made up of up to two samples called Tones. Patches also control various editing parameters involved with the Tones.

Choosing new Tones

1) Choose Patch C11.
2) Press EDIT/PLAY.
3) Turn the MODE knob to PATCH EDIT 1.
4) Turn the PATCH PARAMATER knob to MAIN TONE#.
5) Select the new Tone (1-180) with the VALUE +/? buttons.
6) Press EDIT/PLAY when completed.

Modifying Other Parameters

1) Turn PATCH PARAMETER to the desired parameter for example - ATTACK.The ATTACK parameter controls how fast the sounds come in.
2) Modify values with the VALUE +/- buttons. Saving the Changes

1) Turn the MODE knob to WRITE.
2) Press VALUE + and - simultaneously.