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ROLAND A-90/EX Expandable keyboard controller
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ROLAND A-90/EX Expandable keyboard controller

The A-90 is a comprehensive, expandable keyboard controller that offers simple, one-touch operation. Roland's proprietary PA-4 hammer-action provides the natural resistance and rebound of a fine acoustic grand.

The A-90 has 4 independent MIDI outputs, can control up to 8 Zones, stores 64 User Performances, and displays patch names with a built-in database containing patch lists for many Roland sound sources.

The A-90EX (A-90 with the VE-RD1 installed) becomes a 64-voice, 4-part multitimbral digital piano/synthesizer with 128 Tones, true stereo piano samples, and built-in effects. The A-90 is also compatible with the VEGS1 and VE-JV1 Expansion Boards.


To restore the factory settings:

1) Hold CHAIN and turn the power on.
2) Press ENTER.

Listen to the A-90EX Demo Songs

1) Press PGM CHANGE and AUX2 simultaneously.
2) Use SONG SELECT to choose a demo song.
3) Press START.
4) To stop playing, press STOP.
5) Press EXIT to return to the previous mode.

Selecting a Performance

Performances contain up to 4 Tones, the effect and editing (Attack, Release, Decay, etc.) parameters for the Internal and External Zones. Disable all
FUNCTION and ZONE buttons.
1) Use the INC/DEC buttons to select a Performance. You can also type in the desired PATCH number on the keypad and press ENTER.

Selecting an Internal Tone

Disable all FUNCTION and ZONE buttons.
1) Under ZONE, Press INT A
3) Under PARAMETERS, press PATCH.
4) Use INC/DEC to change the Patch.
Note. When changing Tones of a Performance, the parameters of that Performance (like Attack and Decay) are still active.

Layering Sounds

Disable all FUNCTION and DESTINATION buttons.
1) Use INC/DEC to select St. Concert 1.
2) Press ZONE INT B. The indicator will light.
3) Press INT under DESTINATIONS.
4) Press PATCH so that it is lit.
5) Cursor right to select Zone A or B.
6) Use INC/DEC to select the desired sound.
7) Use the same procedure to layer additional internal or external zones.

Setting up a Split

1) Assign a Tone to Zones 1 and 2. See "Layering Sounds"
2) Press INT under Destinations so that it is lit.
3) Press KEY RANGE under Parameter Select.
4) Cursor up to Key Range Lower.
5) Cursor left or right to select the desired Zone.
6) Hold ENTER, and press the key on the keyboard
you wish to be the lowest key in this Zone.
7) Cursor down and repeat steps 5 & 6 to set the
Upper Key Range.

Controller Assignment

1) Press EDIT.
2) Move the controller or slider to activate.
3) Use the CURSOR and INC/DEC to choose the type and specific controller.
4) Cursor right twice and use INC/DEC to change the controller range.
5) Press EDIT again to return to previous mode.

Controlling an External Sequencer

1) Set the external sequencer to MIDI sync.
2) Use the SONG SELECT LEFT & RIGHT to select a song on an external sequencer.
3) Press TEMPO and use the DATA ENTRY slider to adjust the tempo of your sequencer.
4) Press RESET to go to the beginning of the song.
5) Press START to start the song.

Viewing Patch Names of External Devices Disable all FUNCTION and DESTINATION buttons.

1) Press EDIT.
2) Cursor to select SYS, then press Enter
3) Cursor down to display N-MAP Assign.
4) Press ZONE EXT A so that it is lit.
5) Use INC/DEC to select the desired Patch Map.
6) Press EDIT.
7) Under DESTINATIONS, press EXT.
9) Cursor up to display BM in upper left corner.
10) Cursor left to select ZONE A.
11) Use the Ten-Key pad to Enter MSB/CC 0 value (i.e. 81).
12) Cursor down to display BL in upper left corner.
13) Use the Ten-Key pad to Enter LSB/CC 32 value (i.e. 0).
15) Use the INC/DEC to select the desired Tones.

Writing a Performance to Memory

1) Press UTILITY.
2) Cursor to WRITE and press ENTER.
3) Use INC/DEC to select the memory location.
4) Press ENTER twice.


 ROLAND A-90/EX Expandable keyboard controller