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BOSS DR 220 - DR RHYTHM - 1986
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BOSS DR 220 - DR RHYTHM - 1986


A Programmable Digital Rhythm Machine from BOSS


•The DR-220 is the newest addition to BOSS popular Dr. Rhythm series of rhythm machines. It allows the user to enjoy superb digital sound at an extremely affordable price and is as easy to operate as previous Dr. Rhythm units.

•The DR-220 features 11 different digital sound sources recorded and converted into audio signal by a 12-bit D/A converter. Its sound quality is comparable to that of a much more expensive digital drum machine. The DR-220A features acoustic drum digital sound sources while the DR-220E features electronic drum digital sound sources. Both models can be synchronized by trigger signals.

•The DR-220 provides a total of 64 rhythm patterns (32 preset and 32 programmable). The programmable rhythm pattern can be created by either step writing or tap (real-time) writing. A Forward/Backward function is provided to facilitate step writing. It is also possible to copy a rhythm pattern. A variation of a rhythm pattern can be easily created.

•The DR-220 can also store up to eight songs (each up to 128 measures in length) written by combining the 64 rhythm patterns. A Chain function allows two songs to be continuously played. Thus, up to 256 rhythm pattern measures can be played as one song. Delete and insert are also possible while writing a song. The written song can also be repeatedly played back.

•All digital sound sources can be manually activated by tapping sound source buttons even as a song is being played back.

•The volume of each sound source and the total accent level can be freely adjusted. Total volume is adjusted by a sliding control.

•An LCD is provided for easy operation.

•Trigger In and Trigger Out jacks are provided. Two DR-220's or the DR-220 and DR-110 can be synchronized using the trigger signals. A headphone jack is also featured.

•The DR-220 draws power from batteries or through a BOSS PSA-series AC adaptor. You can use it wherever you go.


• DR-220A Sound Sources: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Rim Shot/Hand Clap, Low Tom/Mid Tom/High Tom, Closed High-Hat/Open High-Hat, Crash Cymbal/Ride Cymbal

• DR-220E Sound Sources: Electronic Bass Drum, Electronic Snare Drum, Electronic Low Tom/Electronic Mid Tom/Electronic High Tom, Cowbell/Slap, Closed High-Hat/Open High-Hat, China Cymbal/Cup

• Memory: 32 Preset Rhythm Patterns, 32 Programmable Rhythm Patterns, 8 Songs (each 128 measures long)

• Pattern Writing Methods: Step Write, Tap Write

• Tempo: 40 to 250 beats per minute

• Jacks: Output (1/4" Phone jack), Headphones (Mini Phone jack), Rim Shot Trigger Out (Mini Phone jack), Trigger In (Mini Phone jack), 9V DC In

•Power Source: Batteries (UM-3 x 4), AC Adaptor (PSA series) .Dimensions: 239(W) x 75(D) x 30(H) mm (9-7/16" x 2-15/16" x 1-3/161
• Weight (with batteries): 350 g (12 oz.)
• Accessories: UM-3 Battery x 4, Soft Case


 BOSS DR 220 - DR RHYTHM - 1986